A Catalonia tour

A Catalonia tour

When we talk of Catalonia, the first thing that comes to mind is Barcelona with the incredible creations of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi. Catalonia is the most famous region of Spain with a rich history and a powerful economy. Millions of tourists from all over the world come here. They are attracted by picturesque sceneries, culinary delights, heritage of genius artists, fantastic resorts and, of course, famous Catalan wines.

One the most famous wine-making regions of Catalonia, Priorat, distinguished itself by unique wines made of prominent grapes varieties – carignan and grenache. They are characterized by a powerful flavor profile, fleshy texture, meaty tannins and balanced acidity. These features make these wines a wonderful pair for flavorful and juicy grilled steaks.

Ladies and gentlemen, Butcher steak house invites you to give in to the charm of Catalonia and enjoy wines from the famous winery Portal del Priorat. Thanks to their impulsivity and wisdom they leave an indelible impression.


GOTES DEL PRIORAT – a well-rounded and velvety wine, its taste has hints of black cherry, red berries, dried herbs and black currant.

NEGRE DE NEGRES – a full-bodied and well-balanced wine with a bright taste of black berries and spices. Distinguished by its long spicy aftertaste.

SOMNI – a rich and complex wine with a fleshy texture. A taste that has hints of wild cherry, coffee and underbrush.