California dreaming | Butcher steakhouse

California dreaming | Butcher steakhouse

The history of the Zinfandel grape variety is amazing and complex. Its path to the sunny shores of California lay through Hungary and Austria, and related varieties have long been cultivated by Italians and Croats. In the United States, Zinfandel has been struggling to defeat its reputation of an inexpensive table wine for over a century. Zin's finest hour happened in the 1970s, thanks to a talented winemaker who saw great potential in ancient vines. The berry juiciness of the dark Zinfandel and the fruity lightness of the white are still highly regarded by many. The fate of this wine is the true embodiment of the American Dream. A reminder that anyone is capable of reaching great heights.

Butcher steak house opens the California Zinfandel Festival. Brilliant wines from renowned producers are waiting for you. Dishes from the "Chef’s Steaks" section will make excellent gastronomic combinations with these wines.


ZINFANDEL SELECT / HESS – an alluring aroma with hints of red berry jam and a mild taste with notes of white pepper and spices.

ZINFANDEL / BONTERRA – a silky wine with notes of blackberry and eucalyptus in the aroma. It has a complex taste with notes of vanilla, strawberry and smoked meats. Long-lasting floral aftertaste.

ZINFANDEL "1000 STORIES" / FETZER – the peculiarity of this wine is that it is partially aged in bourbon barrels. It has a rich aroma with hints of prunes, sweet spices and allspice. Flavor with bright tannins and a long aftertaste with notes of black berries and cocoa.


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California dreaming | Butcher steakhouse