California is the richest and the most famous American state. It is the home of the Silicon valley, the leading center of information technology, andfamed Hollywood, the center of the world film industry. Immigrants from all over the world moved to California in search of a new life and riches. Many people tried to find gold in California. Gold fever literally made people go crazy. Some managed to find their happiness, some weren’t so lucky. But years passed, and thanks to our fellow countryman, AndreyTchelistcheff, the Californians understood that the real gold is not the one that glitters but the one that is in your glass. A gift of nature.


Please welcome the California wines festival from Cline winery.

This is the true gold of California!

PINOT NOIR SONOMA COAST – a silky and refined wine with hints of red berries, underbrush and violets.

ZINFANDEL ANCIENT VINES – an American classic. A rich wine with a taste of black berries jam and aroma of strawberry and eucalyptus.

CARIGNANE ANCIENT VINES – a rich wine with roundish tannins, hints of ripe fruit, leather, tobacco and allspice.