Argentina is the main wine producer in South America. Its history began in the middle of the 16th century, from the time of the conquest of the territory by the Spaniards. Its name means "silver" in Spanish. It was this precious metal that the conquistadors hoped to find. But it turned out that the wealth of Argentina is something completely different.

The wine culture of the country began to develop actively in the middle of the 19th century. The statesmen invited a French agronomist, Professor Michel Pouget, to work there. He brought the European grape variety Malbec to Argentina. The local terroir, with high mountains and a hot climate, was ideal for the grapes known in France as "auxerrois" and "cot". The variety was a modest "gray eminence" for blending Bordeaux wines, and only after emigration revealed its rich potential and became famous throughout the world.

Argentinean Malbec produces powerful aged wines with a rich aroma and bright taste - with tones of black berries, red fruits, tobacco and spices.

Steakhouse Butcher announces a festival of Argentinean Malbec from the main wine-growing zone of the country - Mendoza. Find out what the most popular "meaty" grape variety is capable of.

MALBEC PURE / TRAPICHE is a well-rounded wine with an elegant fruity bouquet, which reveals tones of ripe cherries and plums.

MALBEC / LUIGI BOSCA - a wine with a rich silky taste. The aroma contains notes of ripe black berries, cherry jam and ground pepper.

MALBEC "TERROIR SELECTION" / ALTA VISTA - a voluminous, rich wine. The aroma contains notes of smoked meats, dried flowers and minerals. Taste with hints of blueberries, wild cherries and spices.