French pleasure

French pleasure

The North of France is a well - known source of great wines – just think of Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne. But we should not neglect the South of the country, caressed by the Mediterranean sea and the hot sun. In Russia only few people know that it is a real treasure trove full of wonderfully original and distinct wines.

Marcillac is a small commune in the south-west of France which gave us young and bold wines akin to d’Artagnan.

Fronton – a southern commune with hot autumns and soft snowy winters. It produces stern and dominant wines which are however quite velvety and surprising.

Côtes du Rhône – a winemaking region in the south-east of the country which makes eponymous noble wines, tender and silky, like a warm blanket.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Butcher steak house invites you to join the privileged circle – to taste and appreciate the gastronomic potential of the South of France wines. Thanks to their rich palette of tastes and flavours you will always be able to find a pair for both a light salad and a juicy steak.


DOMAIN DU CROS MARCILLAC LO SANG DEL PAIS – a velvety wine with soft tannins and red berry flavor. Spices and menthol in the aftertaste.


CÔTES DU RHONE BRUNEL DE LA GARDINE – a tender and silky wine with flavors of black currant, plum and Mediterranean herbs.


FRONTON LE ROC DON QUICHOTTE – a stern and noble wine with rich taste of ripe berries, hints of wood, licorice and roasted pepper.