Mysteries of Chile in your glass

Mysteries of Chile in your glass

If you look at the world map, you can notice a thin bright yellow strip in the south-western part of South America, that looks like a pistol holster. This is Chile - local Switzerland. There is a version that the name of the country comes from the language of the local aymara tribe and means “a place where the land ends”.

Chile is a country of mysterious statues, frozen volcanoes, crystal lakes, snow-white beaches, snowy mountains and lifeless deserts. To go there means to dive not only into a different culture but into a different world. There you can find warm sea and icy mountains, dry desert and blooming valleys.

Chile is rich both in natural and hand-made landmarks. There are a lot of historical monuments there and echoes of ancient civilisations. Architecture of large cities rivals that of European ones. But the true pride of Chile is its wine. The country’s trademark is the Carmenere grape which was revived here when it was lost to the European winemakers in the middle of the 19th century.

Discover the world of Chilean winemaking. Try exquisite Aliwen and Sibaris wines from Undurraga household.


Aliwen - a mysterious bond between man and the universe. 

Sibaris - the most splendid city of Ancient Greece. Evidence of its existence can be found only in works of ancient writers and poets. It was reigned by and atmosphere of mystery, unearthly beauty and greatest riches. Its inhabitants saw life as an eternal search for pleasure in everything. And this striving is embodied in Sibaris Gran Reserva wines.

ALIWEN CABERNET SAUVIGNON / SYRAH RESERVA - a combination of two elements, two grapes grown in hot and fertile Rapel Valley. The wine strikes you with its softness, well-rounded tannins and moderately spicy taste with hints of blackberry, black currant, coffee and chocolate.               

SIBARIS CABERNET SAUVIGNON GRAN RESERVA - a rich and perfectly balanced wine from Maipo valley, with bright and expressive tannins, juicy hints of red berries, black currant, menthol and cedar.                         

SIBARIS CARMENERE GRAN RESERVA - an expressive and complex wine from Colchagua valley. With hints of ripe black berries, cherry jam, tobacco and fragrant herbs.