The noble Tempranillo is a vivid reflection of the expressive Spanish temperament. A rich and complex wine created from this grape variety conquers you with a piquant aroma and juiciness. And thanks to the traditional aging in oak, Tempranillo is revealed in all its splendor.

Butcher invites you to the aged Tempranillo festival from Beronia, one of the key wineries in Spain. Enjoy rich, almost black wines, powerful, with animal tannins, truly masculine. For over 40 years they have been born in the heart of Spanish winemaking - the Rioja region. The head winemaker at Beronia personally selects the best vineyards to create each of his wines. Most Beronia wines are aged for a long time in oak barrels with natural coolness and moisture. Here they are sure that the Gregorian chants recorded in a local monastery have a beneficial effect on wines during their ripening period.

The classic style of the renowned Rioja region and the innovation of Beronia winemakers –so that you can enjoy every glass!


BERONIA CRIANZA – an elegant wine with tones of cherry, plum and coffee in the aroma. The taste is rounded, with hints of red berries, vanilla and spices.

BERONIA RESERVA – a wine with a deep aromawhich reveals the tones of black berries and cocoa. The taste is balanced, with velvety tannins, notes of blackberry jam, spices and tobacco leaf.

BERONIA GRAN RESERVA – a full-bodied wine with a rich aroma and silky tannins. It has a complex taste with hints of ripe wild berries, spices and licorice.