Japanese wagyu beef!

Picanha Butcher steak

Picanha is the favorite steak of Brazil.

The GIST is in the roll!


This is Brazilian churrascaria in all its glory.

Butcher steak house in Moscow – a chain of steak houses for the real men!

We would like to invite you to visit Butcher steak house and to try our signature steaks and other meat dishes. You can always choose the piece of meat which will become your steak. For this purpose we have our “meat list” – a tray presenting all types of steaks from the menu. The waiter will tell you about the features of each steak in detail, and you will easily choose the one you like. Also the menu of Bison steak houses offers dishes which cannot be found anywhere else in Moscow: our signature lamb stew, oxtail soup, beef tenderloin tartare, Wagyu steaks, signature burgers and much more.

The addresses of Butcher steak houses can be found on the map.

“The best steak house is the one where the steak takes center stage”.

Yours, Butcher. A steak house for the real men.

Meat has always been especially valued by men. The love of meat among the sterner sex does not fade since the ancient times. That’s why the steak is a very manly dish! Having thought about it for a long time, we decided to create the first steak house for the real men in Moscow. Thus appeared Butcher steak house – a meat restaurant where the steak takes center stage.

There is a whole world of steaks, vast and diverse. Our task is to expand the very notion of “steak”, to go beyond the standard offer of Rib-eye, T-bone, Filet mignon and New York.

Butcher is the first Russian steak house which started serving alternative steaks. Our chain of steak houses offers a unique and flavorous Machete steak, a tender Flat iron steak and our signature Butcher steak. It’s not a secret that a steak and a glass of wine are a perfect match. For all those who value this combination, we offer a wide selection of New World wines from the best producers at affordable prices.



    The most popular steak in Brazil loved for its reach taste and unique juiciness.

    420 g. / 2590 rub.

    A wonderfully juicy rib-eye of premium grain-fed beef.

    350 g. / 2890 rub.