An irresistible flavor of spices and freshly roasted meat, a pleasant fuss before a delicious dinner, smiles of hospitable waiters. This is Brazilian churrascaria in all its glory. Here meat is masterfully cooked on a grill, and the choice of dishes is simply amazing. We have mastered the secrets of Brazilian chefs and invite you to visit the churrascaria right at Butcher steak houses.


Wonderfully juicy rib-eye. Tender churrasco in a mix of spices. And, of course, unique picanha – the most popular steak in Brazil, loved for its rich taste and distinctive juiciness. 

The chef will cut the steaks for you himself!

We guarantee the pleasure from every bite!


Our steaks

Steak and wine

Butcher steak-house offers an ever expanding variety of New World wines to its guests!

You may ask why.

Wines in our wine list are very different because they come not only from different countries, but from different continents. The climate affects the unique character of each wine, even more so in case of a wine expertly created by a good hardworking winemaker.

First of all, we take care that when you order your steak and wine at our restaurant, you get a true eno-gastronomical pleasure and feel the magic combination of wine and food.

Everyone knows now that a steak and a glass of wine are a “perfect pair”.

It is not a secret for sommeliers or professional chefs that the bright and full New World wines are often a better match for a juicy steak. And it is not a random coincidence or a short-lived fashion trend, it is a historical tradition. The best meat comes from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Argentina. Of course the culture of eating meat with wine is highly developed in these countries, even more so as some of the best wines in the world are made here too.

  • Пиканья стейк стейкхаус Бутчер


    Fragrant spicy glaze and a unique method of cooking in a wood oven give the meat an unmatched taste. And the crispy crust
    created by the glaze keeps the steak wonderfully juicy.

    350 g. / 2850 rub.
  • Асадо стейк стейкхаус Бутчер


    A brutal steak made from grass-fed beef tenderloin. Cooked with Uruguayan spicy herbs.

    300 g. / 2850 rub.
  • Пиканья стейк стейкхаус Бутчер


    The most popular steak in Brazil.

    420 g. / 2850 rub.
  • Маручо стейк стейкхаус Бутчер


    A steak made from the most delicate shoulder blade muscle of Argentine grain-fed beef.

    250 gr. / 2850 rub.
  • Ковбой стейк на кости стейкхаус Бутчер


    A brutal bone-on ribeye made of premium grain-fed beef.

    480/700 gr. / 4070/5470 rub.
  • Филе стейк из говяжьей вырезки травяного откорма. Уругвай.


    Tender steak made of grass-fed tenderloin beef. Uruguay.

    250 gr. / 2750 rub.
  • Alt для изображения (EN)


    A steak made of premium grain-fed beef loin. 200 days of grain feeding. Black Angus bulls.Prime. Miratorg.

    250 gr. / 3450 rub.


    Marbled steak made of Russian beef. Black Angus bulls. 200 days of grain feeding. Prime. Miratorg.

    350 gr. / 3450 rub.
  • Нью-Йорк стейк стейкхаус Бутчер


    Marbled steak made of Russian beef. Black Angus bulls. 200 days of grain feeding.Prime.

    300 gr. / 2700 rub.
  • Alt для изображения (EN)


    Royal deer tenderloin or rib eye. Please ask your waiter!

    200 gr. / 4150 rub.



«Meat card» — a tray presenting all types of steaks from the menu. The waiter will tell you about the features of each steak in detail, and you will easily choose the one you like.

Мясная карта стейкхауса Бутчер

Our waiters will help you choose the best combinations, but don’t be afraid to experiment on your own, after all the experimental wine-making in the New World was able to challenge the Old World wines and win for several times!

If you would like a steak with peppercorn sauce, try spicy powerful Syrah wines from Australia, if you want some light gracefulness, you should taste wines from New Zealand. If you want a fresh view on a classic sort like Merlot, try wines from the USA. And if you want something bright and exotic – try wines from the South African Republic, Argentina or Carmenere from Chile.

Few people can resist the sunny character of many New World wines, which is proved by repeated victories in international contests and high ratings among the most influential wine critics, who are known to be very snobby.

In Butcher, the steak-house, you will find the most interesting and bright New World wines at affordable prices, because their principle is “low price – high quality”, as opposed to the principle of some Europeans – “no price is too high”.


We recognize four grades of steak preparation:

RARE — roasted on the outside, bloody on the inside;

MEDIUM RARE — roasted on the outside, red and pink on the inside;

MEDIUM — well-roasted on the outside, pink on the inside;

MEDIUM WELL — strongly roasted on the outside, light pink on the inside.

For each of our steaks we recommend the grade of cooking that will allow you to discover its flavor at its best.
Please consult your waiter.

  • 1
    Roasted on the outside,
    bloody on the inside.
  • 2
    Medium rare
    Medium rare
    Roasted on the outside,
    red and pink on the inside.
  • 3
    Well-roasted on the outside,
    pink on the inside.
  • 4
    Medium well
    Medium well
    Strongly roasted on the outside,
    light pink on the inside.
  • 5
    Well done
    Well done
  • 6

If you are not satisfied with how your steak looks, or how it is cooked, or if you had to wait for it too long* - tell us, and we will cook another steak for you or return the money. 

* expected cooking time of a steak in Butcher steak houses is 20-35 minutes.

Butcher steak house in Moscow – a chain of steak houses!

We would like to invite you to visit Butcher steak house and to try our signature steaks and other meat dishes. You can always choose the piece of meat which will become your steak. For this purpose we have our “meat list” – a tray presenting all types of steaks from the menu. The waiter will tell you about the features of each steak in detail, and you will easily choose the one you like. Also the menu of Bison steak houses offers dishes which cannot be found anywhere else in Moscow: our signature lamb stew, oxtail soup, beef tenderloin tartare, Wagyu steaks, signature burgers and much more.

The addresses of Butcher steak houses can be found on the map.

“The best steak house is the one where the steak takes center stage”.

Yours, Butcher. A steak house for the real men.

Meat has always been especially valued by men. The love of meat among the sterner sex does not fade since the ancient times. That’s why the steak is a very manly dish! Having thought about it for a long time, we decided to create the first steak house for the real men in Moscow. Thus appeared Butcher steak house – a meat restaurant where the steak takes center stage.

There is a whole world of steaks, vast and diverse. Our task is to expand the very notion of “steak”, to go beyond the standard offer of Rib-eye, T-bone, Filet mignon and New York.

Butcher is the first Russian steak house which started serving alternative steaks. Our chain of steak houses offers a unique and flavorous Machete steak, a tender Flat iron steak and our signature Butcher steak. It’s not a secret that a steak and a glass of wine are a perfect match. For all those who value this combination, we offer a wide selection of New World wines from the best producers at affordable prices.